Turkish Coffee

I am a major coffee fan..love it.  I grind my own beans by hand each morning with a Zazzenhaus grinder from Sweet Maria’s..an amazing source for all things coffee; grinders, green beans, anything you can imagine.. 


I make the Turkish coffee on the stove top with an Ibrik;   Ibrik

I get my coffee from Green Mountain Coffee online; a wonderful deal at $6.95 a pound for organic, fair trade coffee!

Here’s how to make this thick, luscious coffee;

Start with an Ibrik (Turkish coffee pot), some freshly ground espresso coffee.

Using a whisk, mix 9 ounces room temperature water with 2 Tablespoons sugar, 4 Tablespoons coffee, and spices (cardamom in traditional in Turkish coffee but cinnamon or chocolate is also awesome), stirred into the Ibrik. Then place on medium high heat. When foaming starts at the edges of the ibrik, slowly begin reducing the heat. The goal is to keep the coffee foaming, but not to let it rise more than a quarter of its volume. If you turn the gas down too quickly and the foaming stops, just turn it back up. The goal is to foam for 3 additional minutes (5 minutes total time). At 6 minutes total the coffee tastes over extracted, and at 4 it can be thin. The temperature at the end of 5 minutes should be around 167 F.

Swirl the ibrik gently to help the grounds caught in the foam subside. Traditionally the coffee is pored very slowly into the cups to keep the grounds out as much as possible. I personally do not like them in my coffee, so I use a Porcelain coffee cone with a hemp filter in it to strain the coffee through.

Sugar amount:
0-4% of water mass. I find using half the mass of coffee is just about the maximum to balance the bitterness and really let the acidity shine.

I like the Zassenhaus Turkish mill. Mine is set 3/4 of a turn past French press–the burrs brush lightly when there is no grist.

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