Recycled Glass and Fast Growing Bamboo water Bottle/



Bamboo Glass Bottle

I think disposable water bottles are an abomination; wasteful and unnecessary… I have been using a Voss water bottle for years now..   But this is a great upgrade and won’t break if you drop it..stylish too!

Because of the species’ stability, hardness and strength, these bottles are made from Phyllostachys Pubescens bamboo (also known as Moso and Mau Tzu). The bamboo is grown and harvested in temperate conditions that allow it to grow to its maximum potential – 90 feet in 9 months! The best part of the harvesting method is the hand selection and hand cutting of the bamboo. This allows maturing and flowering strands to remain flourishing and minimizes the impact on ground soil since no heavy machinery is used. Once cut, the bamboo will continue to grow just like mowing your lawn. This selective cutting process leaves the soil and land in its best possible state.

Where to buy;  Bamboo Bottle

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