Morning Glory

I have been planting Morning Glories for two years…they never bloomed.  When I moved a few months ago I moved the whole vine that I had by the front door.  I had it growing up a chain so it was easy to move.

The morning after I slept in the new house for the first time, while still moving…I woke up to a Morning Glories blooming by my front door!  My landlord said it was a sign..a great sign that I was meant to be in my new home.  I love it here.

I woke up this morning feeling excited about the storm we were having..Hurricane Irene…figured we’d get some great rain.  I looked up and as the sun was coming up it was shining through the front window..and I saw the Morning Glories..

Morning Glory

I picked Swiss Chard for dinner, first since I moved…plant really took off!   

Swiss Chard


I am delighted with the Malabar Spinach, never heard of it before, ordered it from Neem Tree farms (where I buy my Neem tooth Powder…love it!)    It is a delicate tasting green..easy to grow.

Malabar Spinach


I’ll be digging up these sweet potatoes in a month or so…my first!  I already have more sprouted, will start another barrel soon.  Cool thing about sweet potatoes is when they don’t get enough water, they lie dormant…then start growing again when they get water.  Gotta love it!

Sweet Potatoes 8.26.11

Strawberries are growing, no berries yet.   The onions and herbs have sprouted…will get into growing containers in a few days.  The lettuces are about 1 1/2 inch high.  Gotta plant more greens; beets, Swiss chard, spinach.   

I am thrilled to get the compost going again…1 year to more soil…arrgghh, buying potting soil again, hate it.  But I have plenty of compost from the old house for soil amendment, won’t need to buy fertilizer at least.   And having the cute little bunny helps with that!  Next project is to build him a little run in the back yard..

Bunny wabbit

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