Set the Tone for Your Day by Eating Breakfast

breakfast2Grass-fed buffalo, mushrooms and spinach layered with two eggs, …from TwigProductive


Breakfast is crucial!  The whole tone of your day is set in place by how well nourished and how well fueled you are.  You would never try to drive to work without gas in your car, but most people eat an inadequate breakfast, are starving by lunch.  This means that you will over eat or crave carbs because your blood sugar is so low. 

You need 2000 calories a day whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain the same weight. This means you should have 1/3 of your calories at each meal. Yes, about 650 calories at breakfast.  Bacon or sausage, eggs, coconut milk yogurt and a small amount of fruit makes an ideal breakfast.  Then a great low carb, high fat and protein lunch and dinner and you will high energy all day and not experience that afternoon drop in energy. 

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