Great Day Off

Great day off, mowed the yard, hit the Grassroots Market for those awesome eggs, hit the library, then crazy day setting up 3 computers; one to work on my cookbook which has to be on Windows XP until I successfully migrate it all in to another format.  The other the work computer and then my laptop.  They all can share a larger monitor, dual on each machine.  Finally sweet set-up and organization…worked on book all day.  A 30 Day menu Plan, with recipes… 

Transplanted a hydrangea that needed more sunlight, picked a rainy day…easier on the plant, saves water.  A third of my back yard is ground cover as opposed to grass, it’s wonderful; doesn’t grow very high, just spreads, it’s soft, mostly some type of philodendron and ferns, and some type of ivy.  I love it AND I don’t have to water it!  The oaks trees are over most of it and it so easy to take care of.  I am planting a meadow garden in the front yard for many of the same reasons; mow once a year, low maintenance, stunningly beautiful…

I so miss my huge old growth hydrangeas from old house, but love the new place enough to make up for it.   The bougainvillea is spreading up the trellis, I’m letting it spread out more for now, letting the sun hit the front window all winter…then let it run up the trellis in spring, a green curtain.  Help keep the place cooler. 


The tomatoes are flowering like crazy, I started them late this year, moving and all…The succulents are spreading like crazy.  All this rain has been awesome…seems like a few years since we got this much steady rain…I am loving it. Rain barrels are full and have played in it a few is great!

Now roasting a chicken with butter and lemon zest, plenty of pepper, along with an eggplant for baba ganoush.  Tomorrow both chicken carcasses from this week will go to make stock. Yum… Putting coconut milk yogurt on, will wake up to it being ready.  Gonna be great with blueberries! 

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