This Whole Dieting Craze…

It’s funny how the word “diet” has come to mean something you do for a time to achieve weight loss.  “Diet” is what we eat each day; Humans have a diet we should follow just like all other animals.  It should not vary that much from person to person; 2000 calories a day from REAL food, not products, nothing out of boxes or cans, plenty of healthy saturated fats from organic sources, organic protein from animals that are grass fed, free range, kindly treated and NATURALLY fed (NOT corn)…and don’t make it low fat…and vegetables as our main source for carbs. 

When will Americans learn there are no easy, quick fixes…no gimmicks or diets that will let you do something short term, get healthy…and then go back to doing what got you  there in the first place?

Let this be the year you get healthy and as a great side effect, lose that weight…

  • Eat more protein
  • Eat more fat
  • Learn about the glycemic index and use it! 

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Michelle Obama’s Food Plate

Weston Price Foundation posted this on Facebook this morning and it got me curious;


OF COURSE Americans do not adhere to these recommendation!  Eating low fat and restricting food intake is ridiculous.  Americans keep eating because they are truly HUNGRY!   Your body will tell you to keep eating if you have not met your nutrient level needed for that day…You can take in 3000 calories a day and if a high percentage of those calories are carbohydrates too are STILL going to be hungry!  

I went to the site, plugged in my stats and the first thing the site recommended was that I see a health professional to see how to gain weight!  Are they kidding??   I am in perfect health at 58 years old, am 5 feet 5 inches and weigh a perfect 110 pounds.  My waist is the same size as it was before I had 5 kids, I never get sick, have recovered from Meniere’s Disease, chronic allergies and sore throats, recovered a partial hearing loss, gotten rid of arthritis, acne and been teaching nutrition for 26 years.  No doctor ever helped with my health issues, according to the government (obviously bought and paid for by big food, agri-food I call it) I eat all wrong.  LOL!

Now don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not trying to be catty…but do I really want to look like this woman who is recommending how Americans should eat?….


While she may very well be eating how she recommends it obviously isn’t working for weight loss. Because it contains TOO MANY CARBS!  And a lot of empty carbs if we follow the recommendations to eat grains.  (we shouldn’t).

Wee need 50% of our 2000 calories a day to come from fat; butter, fat from meat, coconut oil, avocados.  We need 30% of our calories to come from protein, NOT lean protein.  The remaining 20% of the 2000 calories should be from carbs…and all of those should be from low glycemic veggies, mostly green leafy vegetables.   One serving of fruit with breakfast should be all that is taken in each day…and make that one count; make it blueberries or other deeply colored fruit.  Depth of color means depth of nutrients and anti-oxidants. 

And enjoy some dark chocolate each day..and a little wine.  Both are not only good for the soul, but are rich in anti-oxidants.  Can you believe that dark chocolate isn’t even in the government data base??   Crazy!